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Information Management

Content Services Come in 3 Flavors

When looking at content in an enterprise, there are three basic types of content: collaborative, archival and transactional.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Online Collaboration Needs Human Intervention

Until the tools and new best practices on using them evolve, it is up to leaders to see the communication challenges and step in when things go wrong.

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Check In With Your Employees Without Adding Stress

As a leader, you need to establish a foundation that helps your people stay grounded, at least in their work life.

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Digital Workplace

What Will 'Normal' Look Like in the Workplace?

Finding the right balance between the physical and virtual workplace will determine our success in the eventual new normal.


Digital Workplace

Your Process Pain Points Are Crying Out for Digital Attention

Those digital pain points you’ve been noticing recently? They’re not happening because everyone’s working remotely, they're just more visible because of that.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Sudden Move to Remote Work Unearthed Years of Bad Tech Decisions

The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is often used as an excuse to not update technology. But sometimes you won't know it's broken until it's too late.

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Employee Experience

Guess What? User Experience Matters for Employees, Too

Stop me if this sounds familiar: a system gets upgraded to make things easier for the business at the expense of the people who use the system.