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How Different Cultures Are Adapting to Working From Home

Covid-19 has resulted in the world’s biggest working from home experiment in history, nevertheless, there are dramatic cultural variations.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Measuring Our Way Back to a ‘New Normal’

Now that we've all settled into working from home, we need to place energy into the innovative activities required to adapt to the new normal of working.

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The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Mentorship Programs

Effective mentorship programs are still very much possible in a remote workplace environment, in fact in some cases it might make it easier.

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Your Workforce Has Gone Remote: Now What?

While communication is key in times of remote work, finding a balance is critical — otherwise you risk collaboration overload.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Sudden Move to Remote Work Unearthed Years of Bad Tech Decisions

The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is often used as an excuse to not update technology. But sometimes you won't know it's broken until it's too late.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Recent Spike in Collaboration Tool Adoption Doesn't Mean Productivity Spikes Too

Perhaps now is the time to think less about "getting more stuff done" and concentrate instead on "stuff worth doing."

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Collaboration & Productivity

You Rolled Out Your Remote Workplace in Record Time. Now Let's Talk Governance

If you've successfully achieved some state of business continuity, well done. Now's the time to introduce governance.

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Working and Managing Remote: What’s Realistic to Expect?

One of the biggest misconceptions about managing remote workers is that it requires an entirely different skillset.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Digital Tools Impact Employee Experience in a Time of Disruption

What can employers do to ensure that workers are set up for success during trying times?

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Dealing With the 'Soft' Challenges of Remote Work

By now, most companies have worked out the bandwidth and collaboration tool issues. Now comes the hard part: establishing trust, keeping up morale and more.