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Talent Management

Why Organizations Need to Be Transparent About Layoffs

The remote work face-off may lead some employers to use failure to return to the office as an excuse for mass layoffs. Here's why they shouldn't.

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Digital Workplace

5 Common Causes of Digital Workplace Friction

Conflict is inevitable, whether it's in the digital as well as the physical workplace. Here's how leaders can stay one step ahead of potential trouble spots.

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Digital Workplace

Remote Work Isn’t the Culture Killer Everyone Predicted

Whether you believe that remote work can be helpful or harmful to your organization, you’re probably right.

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Bridging the Gap Between Workers, Managers Is Critical to Hybrid Work

When it comes to the future of work, there’s tension between what employees want and what management is willing to provide.

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Digital Workplace

Why Returning to the Office Is a Mistake (and 2 Reasons to Go Back Anyway)

Culture and productivity top the list of reasons why companies are mandating a return to the office. Remote work proponents disagree. They're both right.

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Digital Workplace

Are We Heading for a Remote Work Standoff?

The return-to-office debate has become a tug of war between managers and employees. The question is, who will win?

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Digital Workplace

The Wrong and Right Way to Convince Workers to Return to the Office

Convincing people to return to the office will take some doing, but there is a right way and a wrong way for leaders to go about making their decisions.

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Digital Workplace

Why Remote Work Works — and Is Here to Stay

Here are five reasons why remote work organizations stand to gain an increasingly competitive edge over companies calling for a return to the office.

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Employee Experience

4 Ways Tech Can Help Workers Return to the Office Safely

A new crop of workplace technology is helping organizations ensure the health and safety of employees as they return to the shared office.

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Employee Experience

Is a Return to the Office Right for Your Company?

Organizations that make a hasty call to return to the office are setting themselves up for big problems. Consider a softer, more permissive approach.

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Digital Workplace

Remote May Not Be the Workplace Model of the Future

While many agree the future of the workplace will include some form of hybrid work, it's not as clear-cut as it seems.

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Digital Workplace

4 Tips for a Successful Return to the Office

Given the proven appeal of working remotely, business leaders need to have a solid plan in place to entice employees back into the office.

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Digital Workplace

Year One AC: How the Digital Workplace Is Evolving Post-Coronavirus

What have we learned about work from the pandemic? Several changes are here to stay while others will revert back, with a few important adjustments.