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6 Microsoft Teams Integrations for the Digital Workplace

January 04, 2022 Collaboration and Productivity
Kaya Ismail
By Kaya Ismail

Effective collaboration is an essential part of any digital workplace, whether employees are in an office, working from home or scattered across the globe. One of the most popular collaboration tools on offer is Microsoft Teams.

As remote work accelerated during the pandemic, Microsoft Teams experienced tremendous growth, moving from 75 million to 145 million active users between 2020 and 2021, according to Business of Apps. Savvy Teams users who want to get more out of the platform have turned to its growing suite of integrations with other tools and systems to derive even greater productivity value, from project management tools to marketing integrations and more.

But with hundreds of integrations to choose from, how can companies determine the best ones to support their digital workplace? Let's take a look.

Why Use Tools Like Microsoft Teams?

In today's digital age, employees need access to tools that enable them to communicate and collaborate effectively. Whether they’re working from home or in a shared office space, they need ways to share files and information easily. Tools like Microsoft Teams provide instant messaging, video conferencing and other communications solutions so team members can collaborate with each other in real time no matter where they are physically.  

“Teams has the most complete feature set and superior security," said Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO and co-founder of IT and cloud consultancy eMazzanti Technologies, adding that new features announced by Microsoft in 2021, including share-to-stage, will help further improve collaboration and make employees feel more involved in meetings when working from different locations.

Mahadeva Bisappa, principal architect at Chicago-based software modernization company and Microsoft partner SPR, said “having the right communication and collaboration tools is critical to the success and productivity of any distributed team.” And as more companies leverage digital technologies to get things done, there's an increase in demand for software that can support employees and boost productivity. That's where Teams comes into play. 

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6 Popular Teams Integrations

With hundreds of integrations at their disposal, Teams users often wonder which will be of value in their quest for greater productivity and collaboration. Here is a look at six popular integrations that can help users get the most out of Microsoft Teams: 


Sinequa is an application designed to help employees in a digital workplace find relevant information and insights quickly and easily.

Jeff Evernham, vice president of product strategy at Sinequa, said the platform "offers a single access point to surface relevant insights both from within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem." The idea is that better search capabilities help users locate and analyze their content and data and will enhance their user experience and increase productivity.


Social media is a crucial component of the digital workplace, and Twitter provides an excellent avenue for customer feedback. But the fast-paced nature of Twitter means it can be challenging for employees to keep up with what’s happening and react quickly. Integrating Twitter into Teams allows a company to set up alerts that are most relevant to their business, Mazzanti said.

"That way, if someone tweets at your handle or uses one of your hashtags, it flows directly into Teams, where you can share or respond without interrupting your workflow," she said. 


No digital workplace is complete without proper workflows. With workflows for IT, creators, customers and others, ServiceNow helps users create better experiences and improve productivity. According to Mazzanti, the cloud-based Now Platform "transforms manual ways of working into modern workflows, allowing employees and customers to get what they need when they need it." 

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Project management tools are essential in any workplace but even more so in a digital workplace. To keep everyone on track, Trello offers boards, lists and cards that allow users to organize projects. With this Teams integration, employees can easily see their assignments and tasks without having to leave their collaboration tool. 


With task management app ClickUp, users can share notes and reminders and track their goals. When integrated with Microsoft Teams, the app helps track employee productivity and progress on achieving specific project targets. 


GitHub is a household name to software developers. With a Teams integration, GitHub further facilitates the sharing of code and code updates by having them directly within Teams, making it easier for users to discuss. 

Tools like Microsoft Teams are powerful collaboration tools that can make a measurable difference in the digital workplace. By making use of integrations, companies can boost individual and organizational productivity and give employees more time and attention to focus on higher value tasks. 


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