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Microsoft Releases New Employee Experience Assessment Tool

September 28, 2021 Employee Experience
Ben Schwartz
By Ben Schwartz LinkedIn

Microsoft announced today the launch of a new online tool to help company leaders assess their employee experience (EX) practices and technologies. The Employee Experience Maturity Assessment Tool, developed in conjunction with HR industry analyst Josh Bersin and his Josh Bersin Company, is meant to work with EX tools in finding the best path forward for employees and employers.

The release, announced in a blog post by Microsoft 365 General Manager Seth Patton, follows Microsoft’s launch of Viva, the company’s first EX platform, meant to bring tools for employee engagement, learning, well-being and knowledge discovery, directly into the flow of people’s work.

The assessment, which is free, examines company employee experience practices and assesses which ones have the biggest impact on outcomes. According to Microsoft, respondents will receive a customized report providing an overview of their company’s organizational maturity in key practices compared to industry benchmarks derived from a survey across 950 organizations and 16 industries across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Results from the assessment tool are broken down into four EX maturity levels, and respondents will get recommendations for practices and technologies to consider implementing to advance to the next maturity level.

A recent study conducted by The Josh Bersin Company, and commissioned by Microsoft, shows companies who implement EX and technology best practices are 5.1 times more likely to engage and retain their workforce, 4.3 times more likely to innovate effectively, and 2.2 times more likely to exceed financial targets.

“We have participated in the largest at-scale remote work experiment the world has seen, and it has had a dramatic impact on the employee experience,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “Every organization will require a unified employee experience from onboarding and collaboration to continuous learning and growth.”

Along with today’s EX assessment tool release, Microsoft released a case study on how the Redmond, Wash.-based company developed and implemented Viva internally, along with video presentations aimed at providing analysis on how the workplace is evolving.

Today's announcements are a part of Microsoft's deepening focus on employee experience products, bringing together employee engagement, learning, knowledge management and well-being into one platform.


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