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Digital Workplace

Why Document Management Systems Are Still Key Enterprise Technologies

Despite the emergence of communications and collaboration technologies, document management systems are still key enterprise platforms. Here's why.

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Knowledge & Findability

8 Strategies for Effective Knowledge Management in the Workplace

Knowledge management goes well beyond technology in the digital workplace. Here are some ways to embed the practice into your workplace.

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Information Management

AI Is Changing How We Handle Documents

The old ways of document processing and dealing with paper no longer work for modern businesses.

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Information Management

Blockchain's Promise for Enterprise Content Management

More collaboration is needed between the document management and blockchain communities to develop and standardize blockchain tech for practical applications.

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Digital Workplace

Are We Finally Headed to a Paperless Office?

Without access to the office printer, are we finally making the long-predicted move to the paperless office?

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Information Management

Where Is the ROI in Artificial Intelligence Deployments?

Businesses are turning to AI for a competitive edge. However, AI is expensive, requires considerable investment and ROI is not guaranteed.

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Digital Workplace

It's Time We Ditch Our Dependence on Paper

While you and your organization may not be fully in control of your paper destiny, that doesn't mean you have to keep processing paper.

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Digital Workplace

6 Vital Technologies for the Digital Workplace

To make sense of the rapidly evolving market, we asked experts what they think are the most vital digital workplace technologies. Here are their answers.

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Collaboration & Productivity

The Corporate Intranet Is Key to the Digital Workplace. Really.

The days of the clunky static intranet are over. Today’s cloud-based platforms are agile, responsive and dynamic.

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Information Management

The State of Document Management in the Workplace

Many enterprises are finding that to operate successfully they either need a new document management system or must upgrade legacy technology. Here’s why.