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black phone with twitter icon on top of a packing box


Elon Musk Is in Better Shape Than You Think in the Twitter Saga

Elon Musk agreed to buy the social media service and now he wants to back out. Will the courts make him pay up?

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Talent Management

Why Organizations Need to Be Transparent About Layoffs

The remote work face-off may lead some employers to use failure to return to the office as an excuse for mass layoffs. Here's why they shouldn't.

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Digital Workplace

Twitter's Frankenstein Moment

The company has finally proven its business relevance, but at the cost of frustrated employees, an executive exodus and an unstable share price.

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What Happens to Twitter After Elon Musk's Takeover Fails

Stock analysts are pessimistic, but employee discontent and the company's leadership failures are what may ultimately sink Twitter.

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Elon Musk and Twitter’s Business Are on a Collision Course

Elon Musk's desire to return to the more freewheeling days of old puts him in conflict with employees and advertisers alike at Twitter.