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Digital Workplace

Unlocking the Benefits of Diversity in the Digital Workplace

The digital workplace gives distributed teams an opportunity to unlock the benefits of workforce diversity, but it comes with specific challenges, too.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Is the Future of Work Silo-less?

With collaboration on the rise, the future of work may mean less isolation and more cross-functional integration. But can companies tear down all silos?

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Digital Workplace

How to Create a Successful Hybrid Work Model

Successful hybrid work requires processes and systems to ensure clear communications, a sustainable strong culture and employee buy-in.

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Digital Workplace

Top 10 Digital Workplace Articles of 2021

Hybrid work dominated the digital workplace conversation in 2021. It will continue in 2022. Here's a look at the top articles on that topic and more.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Top 10 Collaboration and Productivity Stories of 2021

Here are Reworked's top collaboration and productivity articles from 2021.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Are Working Hours Outdated?

Remote work and a distributed workforce brought the value of the traditional workweek in question. Is the asynchronous model the next big thing?

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Digital Workplace

Who's In Charge of Your Hybrid Workforce Strategy?

It may be easy to let the decision fall to HR, but to truly make the most of the hybrid work revolution, companies should consider hiring a head of remote work.

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Digital Workplace

Why Document Management Systems Are Still Key Enterprise Technologies

Despite the emergence of communications and collaboration technologies, document management systems are still key enterprise platforms. Here's why.

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Collaboration & Productivity

5 Chrome Extensions That Make Digital Work More Productive

One reason behind Chrome's popularity is that the browser has thousands of extensions designed to give users tools to enhance productivity.

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Employee Experience

Employee Experience Is Key to Digital Workplace Evolution

The future of the digital workplace will depend on the evolution of technology and employee experience in the enterprise together. Here's why.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Remote Workers Work More Hours: What Do We Do?

Remote and hybrid work comes with increased flexibility, but also added pressure and stress. Here's how organizations can help manage the transition.

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What Is Situational Leadership?

This adaptable leadership model can be a useful approach to solving some of the challenges arising from remote and hybrid work.

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Employee Experience

How Should You Measure Employee Engagement in Remote and Hybrid Work?

Enterprises looking to effectively measure and manage employee engagement should use the same metrics across the board. Here's why.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Weak Ties and Why They Are a Growing Management Problem

Remote and hybrid work brought many teams closer together, but at the cost of unexpected and accidental collaborations that can deliver long-term value.

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Employee Experience

Give Up Control to Thrive During the Great Resignation

While necessary, some management choices are making life more stressful for employees. It's time to give up the idea that you can control workers.

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How to Practice Servant Leadership in the Digital Workplace

Servant leadership is an effective way to develop strong teams, so it's no surprise it's a valuable approach in the remote and hybrid workplace.

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5 Leadership Mistakes in Remote and Hybrid Work

The rush to remote work pushed leaders to adjust to new ways of working. As they tackle what's next, here are some mistakes to avoid.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace vs. Smart Workplace: Why There's a Distinction

When employees reenter the office, it may look and feel very different than the one they left behind in early 2020.

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Employee Experience

Get Reworked Podcast: How to Design a Hybrid Workplace That Actually Works

Veteran UX designer and collaboration expert Jim Kalbach shares a framework for how to approach decisions about the future workplace.

Get Reworked Podcast Guest Jim Kalbach of Mural

Employee Experience

Get Reworked Podcast 22 Jim Kalbach

Veteran UX designer and collaboration expert Jim Kalbach shares a framework for how to approach decisions about the future workplace.