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Digital Workplace

Honey, I Shrunk the (Digital Workplace) Core

Organizations have spent the last two years restructuring their digital workplace core to make them more modular and flexible. Here's why.

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Information Management

GraphCMS Joins Independent Tech Group MACH Alliance

Berlin-based GraphCMS, the company behind content federation platform GraphQL, announced it joined the MACH Alliance.

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Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace Complexity Is Slowing Down Your Workforce

Workplace complexity is one of the biggest challenges for modern workers. How can we fix it?

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Information Management

Demystifying Modern Application Development

Modern applications respond to four needs of the modern workplace: scalability, portability, resiliency and agility.

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Information Management

From Service-Oriented Architecture to Microservices

Designing our applications as small independent units is the first step towards building a modern infrastructure that is nimble, agile and scalable.

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Information Management

What Microservices Bring to the Digital Workplace

Microservices provide a means to integrate multiple employee applications into a single interface, but they aren't necessarily for everyone.