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Digital Workplace

The Different Models of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work and the hybrid workplace are the new norm for many businesses across the United States. Here's a rundown of how and why it works.

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Digital Workplace

Unpacking Malcolm Gladwell's Take on Remote Work

Malcolm Gladwell has taken a swipe at remote working. Is there any merit to his arguments?

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Employee Experience

What Is Quiet Quitting — and How Companies Can Prevent It

Quiet quitting is the latest catchphrase for an old phenomena, pointing to a level of stress and burnout in the workforce. So what can companies do to avoid it?

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How to Support Workers With Children at Home

Working while parenting is a challenge. Here are five ways companies can help employees with children at home.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Optimize Your Work Week

Whether working remote or in office, work-life balance is critical to productivity and happiness. Here are tips on how to make the week work for you.

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Employee Experience

The 4-Day Workweek Won't Cure Burnout (at Least Not Yet)

Addressing stress and burnout is important not only for employee satisfaction, retention and acquisition, but for business performance, too.

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Employee Experience

Handling Resentment Between Remote and In-office Staff

Leaders at hybrid organizations need to pay close attention to potential resentment building between remote and in-office employees.

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Collaboration & Productivity

5 Things Leaders Can Learn From Airbnb's Approach to Remote Work

While Tesla CEO Elon Musk demanded workers get back to the office, Airbnb has opened its doors to remote work. Here's what leaders can learn from its approach.

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How to Boost Productivity in the Digital Workplace

Remote and hybrid work put new pressures on workers. From time management to workplace policy, here's how companies can help boost productivity and engagement.

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Why Hybrid Work Policies Need Flexibility

Built-in flexibility is the key to why some hybrid work models succeed while others fail. Here are four ways to make it work.

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Employee Experience

What We Learned from 4-Day Work Week Experiments Around the World

Do we have to work from Monday to Friday? Here's what successful experiments with the four-day work week have shown to be effective.

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From Remote Working to Intelligent Working: Next Steps for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation plans were well underway before the pandemic. Now, with the infrastructure to support new ways of working, the question is: what's next?

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Hybrid Work Is About Flexibility and Trust, Not Location

It is the flexible workplace, not hybrid — or fully remote, or fully in-person, for that matter — that we should be striving for.

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Employee Experience

Employee Experience Is About Work-Life Integration, Not Balance

The employee value proposition has changed. Take the time to build and reinforce habits that demonstrate empathy and boost employee experience.

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Make Your Organization a Place Worth Staying

Focus on work-life integration to create better employee experiences and boost your retention.

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Exhaustion Is Not a Status Symbol

We throw around the phrase work-life balance a lot — but how often does the culture of an organization support exactly the opposite?

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Employee Experience

How to Recognize, Mitigate and Potentially Prevent Burnout in Remote Employees

Leaders of remote-enabled companies must increase their awareness of remote burnout risk factors and implement best practices to help prevent it.

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Digital Workplace

In-Office vs. Remote: The Final Showdown

The answer to the return to office or work remotely debate is so clear I sometimes wonder if there are even two sides to the argument.

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What Burnout Is Costing Us

Burnout is as old as the institution of work, but it is a fixable problem. Leaders can take proven, actionable steps to mitigate, or prevent it altogether.

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Employee Experience

Getting Work-Life Balance Right While Working Remotely

Working remote has been a boon for many, but comes with its challenges. Here's what experts had to say about finding work-life balance.