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Digital Workplace

The Myth of the Digital Workplace Hub

“I just want one place to go for everything” is a common refrain I hear from employees when discussing their digital workplace.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Employee Apps Emerge to Engage Frontline Workers

A new category of digital workplace tool is emerging: the employee app.

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Collaboration & Productivity

How to Make Virtual Workshops Better Than Reality

Done right, virtual workshops can be more effective than face to face equivalents.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Do You Still Need to Brand Your Intranet?

Branding still matters for intranets, but many argue that it's features and agility that matter more.

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Collaboration & Productivity

Power Up Microsoft Teams With Third Party Add-Ons

Third-party add-ons are addressing some of the current pain-points for Microsoft Teams, much as they filled in the gaps with SharePoint intranets in the past.

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Digital Workplace

Planning Your Post-Pandemic Digital Workplace

We need to start planning how our digital workplaces should adapt for the long-term, but with so much uncertainty about what's coming next, how can you plan?

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Information Management

What Microservices Bring to the Digital Workplace

Microservices provide a means to integrate multiple employee applications into a single interface, but they aren't necessarily for everyone.

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Learning & Development

Why Play Is Important for Digital Literacy

Classroom training is out of fashion because it takes people away from their desk, but sometimes that's precisely what we need to do.

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Knowledge & Findability

Diagnosing Enterprise Search Failures

How to diagnose and improve search without changing the search engine.